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Innovative and customized solutions

By Tor Engineering division, Electromechanical Construction P. Torresan wanted to further enhance their own path of service and innovation with a dedicated power electronics design.

Tor has always assisted its customers with innovative specific solutions. Tor Engineering has the task of identifying and designing appropriate solutions for its customers in designing power electronics.
Tor Engineering designs in accordance with the new robust design methodology and a full compliance of needs. In this sense, the project also includes international standards research and its impact assessment.

Designing, creating value in terms of performance, quality and cost reduction:

> Innovative technologies and robust design
> Evaluation of the systems in which the product is inserted
> Check up critical capabilities and costs
> Sharing of training requirements and proposals on new technologies


Our project steps


> Products and system needs evaluationa

> Definition of: objectives, specs and value,(Performance, economic, technology, industrialization, environmental sustainability...)

> Sharing of information and needs

> Design according to Robust Design Methodology

> Documentation and prototypes

> Qualification and validation, pre-series

> Objectives and sustainability confirmation

> Production program

> Production, logistic and quality contrrol


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